about us


Oviron, established in early 2019, is a newly launched Indian start-up in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods segment. With a promise to provide healthier and safer, environment-friendly product choices for household use, without harming the rivers and the earth, Oviron, strives to create a clean and pure world for all life forms. The brand aspires to provide dependable and responsible products across all categories of household cleaning and be a guilt-free first-choice for environmentally conscious customers. Turil is the first-child of Oviron and marks the beginning of an era of more environmentally mindful choices.


We are Turil. You can picture us as the superheroes saving this world from toxins and dirt. We clean: not just your houses but also the earth. It's our home and our business after all.

With an aim to sustain the good in today for an even better tomorrow, Turil brings to you the best natural remedy for sparkling clean homes.

We listened to the warning of a rapidly deteriorating environment and took guidance from its elements to create this eco-friendly cleaning solution.

Our inspiration drove us to our pursuit of a better tomorrow and we created Oviron in 2019. The deep-rooted love for environment in Oviron was a result of the dedication of Dr. Moghe, our main brain & guiding force, who has lead us to the creation of Turil and a series of eco-friendly brands. Through all the brands we place in people's homes, we wholeheartedly wish to leave our planet in a better shape than we found it in.

our main brain

Dr. Moghe is a whiz and a 'Save The Rivers' champion. His life work revolves around environmental pollution, especially water pollution. What he found was that the chemicals in cleaners polluted the rivers and harmed aquatic life. The more he studied the reality, the more he felt the urge to find ways to maintain a happily balanced eco-mankind relationship. It's this passion that led to the creation of Turil, and will guide the launch of other brands too.

A PhD in Organic Chemistry, Dr. Moghe has to his credit:
   - 40 Indian and international patents, out of which 7 are on pollution in India
   - 7 awards and certificates
   - The most coveted Neeri-Burhani Environment Award

our mission

Creating Cleaner Homes for Turtles and Us.